Welcome to my site www.diatoms.eu

My name is Michel Haak and I live in the Netherlands.
By means of this website, I hope to get in touch with people who have the same hobby as I have: "DIATOMS"!
Hopefully you will enjoy my website.

Diatoms.nl is a new shop where you can buy slides,samples, microscopes and a lot more Equipment.
It wil open his doors soon.......

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Nikolsk Russia

Michel Haak Diatoms

37 very nice forms

Oamaru New Sealand

Michel Haak Diatoms

82 Fossil forms from the famous deposit "Allans farm" Oamaru.

2 Flowers

Michel Haak Diatoms

Diatoms and butterfly scales

Wadden Sea

Michel Haak Diatoms

30 recent forms of the Wadden Sea


Michel Haak Diatoms

33 forms in the name Rob with only Actinocyclus normanii

FUR Denmark

Michel Haak Diatoms

19 fossil forms

Ignatievo Bulgaria

Michel Haak Diatoms

52 Fossil forms

De Kolk

Michel Haak Diatoms

20 Freshwater recent forms from the Netherlands. (Sneek)


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