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Saint-Laurent-La-Vernède France

Michel Haak

100 Fossil forms from St.Lauren


Dear Michel,
I'm really surprised of your great skills. It 'an amazing slide.
Very very compliment.


Hello Walter,

Thanks for the compliment!
This is one of my favorites material, with very nice species.
The St. Laurent deposit contains hundreds and perhaps thousands of different species.
Enough to have a lot of fun with it!!!

Best regards,

Hi Michel,

You have done it! What a great achievement to make such a beautiful 100 forms slide entirely with fossil diatoms.
Congratulations. Hopefully you will be able to sell such slides in the future. I'm sure there will be customers, including myself!


Hello Peter,

Thanks, I will not sell such slides soon I find them too beautiful to sell.
This slide is a very nice addition to my collection.
But I will remember you if I am going to sell this kind of slides in the future.

Best regards,